Middle School Programs

The middle school programs for students in grades 6 through 8 build on concepts the students learn through the Common Core Standards.  They are geared to helping teens make difficult decisions regarding their educational and professional futures and encourage students to start thinking early about their career goals. The JA middle school programs supplement standard social studies curricula and help to develop communication skills that are essential to success in the business world.

  • JA Economics for Success (Grades 6-8) explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests and values.  This program includes a take-home CD.
  • JA Finance Park (NEW) (Grades 6-8) helps students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal financial decisions through hands-on, realistic simulation experiences.
  • JA Global Marketplace (Grades 6-7) provides practical information about the key aspects of the global economy, what makes world trade work and how trade affects students’ daily lives.  This program includes a take-home CD.
  • JA It’s My Business (Grades 6-8 ) teaches students entrepreneurship skills through innovative activities that focus on filling a need, knowing your customer and product, and being creative and innovative.
  • JA It’s My Future (NEW) (Grades 7-8) provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school.
  • JA Kidz Biz (Grades 6-8) introduces the basics of running a business, whereby students will create their own business over the course of 10 weeks.