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Career success for teachers comes in knowing they have imparted valuable knowledge to their students, in watching the light of understanding appear in their students’ eyes and, ultimately, in seeing their students cross the graduation stage, high school diploma in-hand.  Junior Achievement of Northern New England (JANNE) is committed to helping teachers realize these successes and is eager to work with any teacher at all grade levels and in all types of socioeconomic communities.

Junior Achievement USA (JA USA) recently completed a six-month, comprehensive research study focused on high school graduation trends and predictors.  The report, entitled JA Graduation Pathways, identifies specific JA programs and the age groups to which they should be delivered in order to maximum the positive impact JA can have on high school graduation rates.

JA’s research revealed that the most critical period along a student’s path graduation is the middle school years.  Data shows that during this period, the gap between the highest- and lowest-performing students widens considerably.  Based on the research, approximately 40 percent of potential high school dropouts could be identified as early as sixth grade using grade, attendance, and behavioral indicators.

While the most impactful  time for offering JA programs in the classroom is during the middle school years, the research did validate the value of JA programming at all grade levels. JA’s elementary school programs provide students with a solid foundation for success by reinforcing the value of education, connecting the lessons students learn in the classroom with real life situations, and equipping them with critical knowledge and skills in business, economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship. Similarly, JA’s high school programs provide older students with a broad and deep set of advanced practical skills necessary for success along a college or career path.

JANNE has over sixty-five years of experience making a difference in the classroom.  Teachers report the positive impact JA programs have on their students at all grade levels and at all ability levels.  There is no cost to teachers or their school districts for hosting a JA program.  The programs are turnkey and simply-presented, yet flexible enough to be tailored to augment many classroom curriculum topics.